1-on-1 Coaching Program

A 1-on-1 coaching relationship is confidential engagement through a few regularly scheduled sessions utilising a coaching program especially designed for the client to meet their personal goals and outcomes.


As human beings, as easy as it might be to feel this way, we are in fact not fragmented and compartmentalised by our innate nature but rather by our thoughts, habits and beliefs with which we go about life. So when we are challenged by something, it affects another or multiple parts of ourselves. And so with the integral approach, the coaching program is designed with the understanding of the whole client, and not an isolated part of your life. As the coach and client relationship is a safe container for the client, you have the discretion to share as you feel comfortable.

Before a formal coaching relationship begins, we will have a 20-30min intro session to discuss your expectations and enquiries about entering a coaching program with me as well as gain a better understanding with the coaching approach I make use of. There is no charge for this. Only upon mutual agreement after this intro session, we can schedule the first session to commence your 1-on-1 coaching program.

By hiring me as your coach, you likely want to make significant changes in your life. These changes can sometimes happen fast and sometimes not. Because change happens over time, we will discuss a recommended amount of sessions for the coaching process during the intro session depending on the nature of your goals. This allows the coaching relationship to develop and be powerful. The coaching relationship requires mutual commitment from both coach and client to see through the coaching program.


  • Sessions takes place online via video call (eg. Zoom)

  • 5 Sessions is the initial minimum commitment, thereafter we can work session by session.

  • In-person coaching requests can be discussed.

  • It is important to have a private space for the coaching session to take place undisturbed.

  • The very first coaching session is approx. 1,5hrs and each session following is approx. 1hr.

  • Please enquire for my rates and more information.


  • Corporate

    • Insurance​

    • Education

    • Agricultural Industries

  • Private​

    • Various​

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"I so thoroughly enjoyed my experience being coached by Milena. I had never done something like this before and she made me feel comfortable and confident moving forward in this journey. 


Milena is patient and supportive in her approach. Her suggestions and recommendations built on the foundations of our discussions and offered great insights to what I was going through. 


The experience gave me new perspective and helped shift the way I view my experiences. I'm now able to approach things in a more positive, proactive manner, having greater insight into who I am."


—  Caitlin